New Generation Superstars / Press

"Home grown Hard Rock does the business!"

Big Cheese

"Rock N Roll Rebels up the anti!"

Classic Rock

" A band who have bloodied themselves on the road, and are now without question the real deal…This is all about attitude, filthy guitar licks and, above all, snarling hooks that crave your attention" KKKK

"Serious Hope for British Rock!" - Live Review KKKKK

Steve Beebee - Kerrang

"Hard, Sleazy Rock n Roll, capable of anything! The lead singer already has SUPERSTAR tattooed on his belly, you dont want to prove the cocky F**cker wrong do you?"

““Balls out Rock n Roll””

Big Cheese

"A year after their TotalRock debut, they have secured a spot on the play list, received glowing reviews from every rock magazine, critic and journalist; continually impress every punter, promoter and band they tour with. New Generation Superstars have the WOW factor."

"A raucous blend of rock, metal, punk and attitude, bound together in 12 hook-laden anthems"

Leicester Mercury

““The Kind of album the UK Rock Scene needs, It will show you the way forward””

"Undoubtedly stirring up quite a fuss with their ongoing tour of the UK. The band is certainly going to live up to their name, through kick ass songs and amazing live shows. Their time in the limelight will be worth keeping up to date on"

Sandman Magazine

““Raw, fresh Rock at it’s best, reminiscent of the days before Punk sold out to the fashion industry””

Dawn Irwin - Fireworks Magazine

““As tight as anything out there at the moment. One Hell of a debut Album” –”

Mark Sesin - Insomnia Magazine

“Crash Course has a very "live" feel to the recording. A pile driver of a CD"- 4/5”