New Earthlings / Press

“When you purchase a new album you usually expect maybe at max 3 to 4 good songs. However, this group of amazing artists has created an album with all good songs!  The album is melodic from start to finish with a definite punch. It is a modern-day take on rock of the late 60s and 70s with varying doses of psychedelic, classic and melodic rock thrown into the cauldron, and it works on so many levels. Swain’s powerful voice soars, Tony Salway plays his keyboards with so much testosterone in parts it makes you want to sit up and adjust yourself, while Geoff Platt puts his guitar finger prints all over the sound. Christopher Robin Davy lays down seamless, steady, luscious, emotive and essential drum beats. New Earthlings combine the best in classic rock with everything from psychedelic tunes to pure rockers. This is a rock n’ roll album, with plenty of groove, melody and swagger: it can take you to a whole new level of rock awareness, if you’ll only let it!”

“DOCTOR WHO REVIEW - New Earthlings are pure innovation. A hybrid of rock, pop and alternative. Spectacular production, instrumentation and overall song composition. A track which allows your cerebral to construct a new dimension. Inspired by a tragic situation, this instrumental has breathed a new life into the artist. "Doctor Who" is a rhythmic avalanche of unparalleled proportions. Pensive yet poignant. This carefully crafted piece of work would make an excellent addition to a Sci Fi TV series or film, hence the name. This artist's creativity, marketability and talent has landed them a spot on our illustrious ‪#‎360WatchList‬.”

“Ron Grainer’s Doctor Who theme, as realised by Delia Derbyshire was an early classic in electronica, but each successive arrangement tended to elaborate on the original, culminating in the orchestral version – with all its counterpoint melodies – that is used today. British rock band New Earthlings have sought to get back to the original, but in a hard rock style. It’s released digitally on iTunes, Amazon and Spotify on August 23rd (to coincide with the new series), and may be pre-ordered now. Guitarist Geoff Platt suffered a heart attack a year ago, prompting him to donate profits from the single to go to the British Heart Foundation. It has been licensed as a cover of the original Ron Grainer tune by the publishers, Warner / Chappell Music Ltd. Find out more by following New Earthlings on Facebook.”

“New Earthlings has a dynamic sound. A hybrid of rock, pop, alternative and contemporary. Great production, good instrumentation, nice vocals and top notch production. Very reminiscent of many of the early greats, like Led Zeppelin, this ensemble proves to be lyrically solid. The sky is the limit for such a psychedelic powerhouse. Their music could easily be used for a indie film or a quirky HBO show. Their innate talent and creativity has earned them a spot on our #360WatchList.”

“Hey there New Earthlings crew! I just wanna say a massive thanks for Ur Fanship & support on my Reverb profile! I'm also LOVIN Ur music; really cool, down & dirty psychedelic, hazy 70s flavoured Glam/Blues Rock vibe, driving power chords & guitar riffs, strong stadium Rock vocals & tight melodies! All Ur tracks are incredibly catchy, & sound bound for festival/stadium glory; I can also defo hear the Led Zeppelin & Thin Lizzy influences! I espesh enjoyed 'Chameleon' & "'King Kong!'”