New Earth Army / Press

“Melissa Joiner has quickly become a recognizable name in the area. She helps produce events, is an in-demand solo artist, and as of September is the new lead vocalist for New Earth Army. Joining New Earth Army started with a single moment of happenstance. “I just finished a gig and (NEA guitarist) Chavis (Hobbs) has a big ol’ kayak paddle up against his car door and I thought it was the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen and I wanted to get a picture of it.” That led to an introduction and conversation between the two, although Ben Parsons had already talked to Hobbs about Joiner. Hobbs quickly saw an opportunity. “Then about a week later, I don’t know how it really happened, but it came up that they were looking for a singer,” says Joiner. “I started filling in a few times, and now I’m their singer.””

"Every band has their own idea of what success means and the benchmarks they have to reach to get there. It’s a really special group whose ideals include placing a bright spotlight on all the music that makes up the area. This is New Earth Army."