Youth Ambassador Program- New Bedford / Press

“A new hip hop music video about adventure along the New England National Scenic Trail (NET) is creating a buzz among young people. Produced by the National Park Service Youth Ambassador Program (YAP), the storyline for the video is inspired by The Matrix. With already 1000 views on YouTube, the YAP video has energized young people across New England to “find their adventure” on the NET. It has even spurred other trails to produce their own dance videos.”

"In just one week I watched four talented individuals take the torch and use their skills to tell a story of our past while seeing a new future for themselves." SCA Intern Bianca Johnson

“In New Bedford, Massachusetts a group of teenagers is putting its passion for the outdoors into music, using catchy beats and smooth moves to persuade other young people to get moving outside. As part of the Youth Ambassador Program (YAP!) at New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, these young people – the “Yappers” is their recording name – share their experiences learning about and exploring their city through creative media. In their latest music video, inspired by the First Lady’s Let’s Move Outside initiative, the Yappers call upon their peers to get up, and get going: “Don’t be a couch potato; just get up off your feet. Go play a game or two and keep on rocking to this beat!””

“Highlights of the evening include films by New Bedford artists Lindsay Mis’ and Shane Savage-Rumbaugh, Fairhaven animator Kirby Allen, and YAP, the New Bedford Historical National Park’s Youth Ambassador Program.”

“Do you think hip-hop and hiking don’t go together? Get ready to have your assumptions shattered with this new video about the New England National Scenic Trail, featuring teens from New Bedford, Massachusetts.”

"Following his talk, Mr. Louv solicits questions from the audience and takes one from a young man who is part of the National Park Service Youth Ambassador Program...." (3rd Photo,center, from top)

“Youth Ambassador Program Receives National Beacon Award!”