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“A big thank you to our friends at Niji Magazine for the awesome NeverWake interview and write-up published on the UK's biggest source for emerging talent...go check out Niji Magazine!”

“US Hard Rock/Metal Band NeverWake announced today that their next record is being produced by bassist John Moyer of Disturbed.”

“The first band that we watched kick off the festivities was Neverwake on the small Reverbnation stage. We had listened to a few of their songs in the hotel the night before and were impressed. They were really good! They sounded great and played the stage well. Neverwake got the crowd super pumped up and ready for the day ahead. They reminded me of a very young Trivium and they have a lot of potential! I’m excited to see where they go from here.”

“On the ReverbNation stage, battle of the band winners NeverWake opened things up with their melodic Hard Rock sound. Claiming split origination between Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Steubenville, Ohio, NeverWake won the ReverbNation battle of the bands contest for the honor of being part of Carolina Rebellion’s commencement. Attendees seemed to receive them well and their sound was tight. Their 2013 album, Sleepwalker, features a great sense of who these guys are, and comes recommended for those looking for something new to add to their underground collection.”

“Day 1 DEFINITELY beat us to a pulp, but we are the music hungry hooligans that LOVE the pain of it all! We reveled in the total awesome of what the Reverbnation Stage had to offer, which was none other than Neverwake, Islander, Stars in Stereo, and the classic band, CHEAP TRICK!”

“First up NeverWake. As Halloween has just gone I had to pick NeverWake as they are all about the weird, the dark fantasy site of life, which is perfect for today. From Pittsburg, US, NeverWake create a sound can only be described as acombination of haunting gothic melodies with metalcore riffs topped with powerful screams, it’s head banging at its best.”

"lots of in-your-face guitars, paint-peeling solos and the ever-present double-bass drum as well as lots of melody with touches of baroque and classical stylings, such as diminished arpeggios and harmonic minor-influenced chord structures."

“But he points out even though other bands are influences, the idea is for NeverWake to create its own sound. DiCarlo said the band has gone as far as charting out themes for its upcoming albums to establish a brand. He added the plan included courting Schecter guitars - all three of the band's stringed instruments are Schecter guitars”

"Neverwake, "Vitality" - I didn't pick this album because these guys are local. I picked it because it's good. modern commercial metal from a talented young band and major-label quality production from Mike Ofca at Innovation Studios right here in Steubenville."

“NeverWake is a fun group of guys with a unique metal / rock sound. Even though their drummer broke his pedal during their set, they didn’t miss a beat. The bands high energy and infectious charisma made for an awesome performance. Though NeverWake has been extremely busy with a new album and video release, Johnny DiCarlo was nice enough to give me the scoop on the band. NeverWake is Johnny DiCarlo (lead vocals and guitar), James Watson (background vocals and guitar), Marcus Giannamore (drums), and George Scott (bass) and the roots of the band were formed several years ago.”

“Loud and Local's Nick Nash Interviews NeverWake about their brand new album "Vitality"!”

“A makeshift studio resides in the basement of a small town home as a couple of young musicians try to play their way to the top. NeverWake is a new up-and-coming band of young professionals born to rock. How do I know all of this? It’s my basement, and it’s my brother’s band. Based in the Tri-State area of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennslyvania, NeverWake is breaking the scene with their new self-titled demo CD and playing at local gigs. Lead singer and guitarist Johnny DiCarlo says, “we’ve been working really hard on our music and trying to promote ourselves. We jumped from 56th to 18th on the ReverbNation Pittsburgh Rock Charts overnight and it’s like, wow.” The band consists of lead singer and guitarist Johnny DiCarlo, back up vocals and guitarist James Watson, bassist George Scott and drummer Marcus Giannamore. “Things are moving pretty fast now that we finally got our bassist,” says James. The band has three CD projects lined up upon signing with a label, includ”