Never To Arise / Press

“Proudly flying the flag for Floridian death metal, Never To Arise make such a violent and gruesome din that it's frequently hard to believe that they're only a duo. In much the same way that Pig Destroyer reconfigured grindcore by stripping it down to its raw essence, this band are subjecting more elaborate brutality to a process of dismantling and reconstruction. Songs like Sloppy Surgery and Mutilation Supreme tap into the gritty spirit of the best US death metal of the 90s, but there's also a untamed and ugly undercurrent that festers and bubbles beneath the wail of dissonant riffs and subterranean snarling. For once, the use of programmed drums doesn't seem to undermine the overwhelming physicality of the material; from opener The Femicidal Impulse onwards, this feels a lot more organic and sweaty than any number of super-technical bands with real drummers. In fact, despite their unconventional approach, Never To Arise exude a powerful affinity with death metal's atavistic core.”

Dom Lawson - Metal Hammer

“Never To Arise almost pulverized me with their opening track. Good thing I took cover otherwise I would have been a blood piece of meat by now. This comes up as heavy and menacing in a way that only great death metal does. Perhaps not the most brutal or heavy of death metal acts but Never To Arise still manages to conjure up enough “evil eye” kind of feelings to their metal to make it interesting. What struck me was that this could be a cross between Cannibal Corpse and Death had they met in a dark back alley one night. The brutality of CC and the tender, technical solos of Death melted together into one big gory mess. The more I listen to this the more I kinda get that feeling validated. This is some pretty cool death metal.”

Anders Ekdahl - Battle Helm

“The catastrophic wave of extreme metal duos continue to savage the ears of listeners violently, and this time we have an interesting death metal specimen at our hands. If any good Florida worshipping band has emerged in the year 2012, then that's Never To Arise, coming strong with their riff-o-rama ''Hacked To Perfection''. This album is a pure riff-fest of elaborately garnished riffs accompannied with delicate song writing and technical proficiency, which can all easily rage like violent storms over a mosh pit.”

“There's not a single track that goes by without something engaging to the ear, some fit of brilliant execution which highlights not only the mechanistic proficiency of both guitarists (Denhart and Michael Kilborn), but the wealth of old school influences they bring to the table without seeming dated or erratically nostalgic. Plenty of leads and tremolo picked, creepy melodies cut into the meat of the low end that the album constantly offers contrast and variety, while remaining wholly consistent for 50 minutes.”

“I just listened to the track Bereft of Conscience from the upcoming Never to Arise CD titled Hacked to Perfection. The track is very clean.You can hear the instruments very clearly.The song has good structure,melody and drive. The deep vocals compliment the music very well.This relentless assualt of grade A Death Metal was a pleasure to hear. The CD Hacked to Perfection will find its way into my collection immediately after it's release date. Having heard the demo as well,I am very impressed with the guitar work and musical composition Never to Arise has to offer. Death Metal fans,this will not disappoint.”

Matt Kruger - Desoulment