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“Great concert last night! "Fer De Lance," "For the Colony," "Never My Silence," "What Was Lost" and "Hollow Point Heros" rocked!! I'm lookin' forward to hopefully working with all of them soon. HOOAH!!!! ”

“With the release of their self titled album, Never My Silence in 2008, they became one of the most popular and sought after local bands in St. Louis. “Having seen them once, I can say they are not to be missed. The musicianship was excellent and very impressive. The music on their page is very good, but cannot do justice for what this band is like live-an event that truly is not to be missed for rock lover.” –Alternative Addiction”

Alternative Addiction - Alternative Addiction

“For those who are unfamiliar w/NMS, how would you describe your music? Dirty Oldschool Americana Hardrock Can you give us a brief history of the band and where you came from? The band origin spans over 20 yrs, but Never My silence started in 2007. It started as a acoustic coffee house project in Carl’s garage. What's the worst thing that has ever happened to a band member (or the band as a whole) during a live set? Nothing really, we just go out to kick ass and have a good time. I mean we all individually probably screw something up somewhere in the set. You just try to cover it as best you can and keep on keepin’ on. What album get the most play in your iPod? Right now it’s the new Filter ‘The Trouble with Angels”. For those who never seen a NMS live show, what can they expect? The Unexpected”