Nevermind the Darkness / Press

“This guitarslinger wields a PRS SE Zach Myers signature model. "I really like the feel of it and the tone of it is massive!" Grinolds says. Its beefy tone and his slinging skills are helping to take this emerging band to the next level. And with a sparkle-burst and clear knobs, this sexy monstrosity detonates eardrums with a little help from its amplifier friends.”

“I got a chance to chat with this petite lady at the merch table, that just so happened to be Trica Weaver (Grinolds) lead singer of the band I was there to see. She was very sweet, and fun, cracking jokes and having a good time. When it was time for NtD to take the stage, that fun-loving girl's demeanour changed; it was time to rock!”

“The vocalist, Trica Weaver, is truly exceptional and the musicians produce truly fine classic rock in a band that compliments one another with an ease surprising in a band that has only been together a few years.”

“...their sights on the Riverside Warehouse, and they're taking it over during Chick Fest.”

“I would put Conversations in my “keep” pile of EP’s and definitely put Nevermind the Darkness on my “gotta attend that f***ing concert!” list.”

“ Everything I hear from this band is awesome. Their live show is energetic and rocks from first note to final beat. Trica is an amazing vocalist. These guys (and one little gal) are worth a listen. Hear Me already has had airplay on Kerrang! radio in the UK, and was well-received by British listeners. ”

“It's nice to go see a local rock band and leave feeling inspired.”

Corbett Tucker

“As a fan of your music, I can say we appreciate what y'all are doing. When a band can take the time to create something real, as a fan of local music, thank you guys.”

Jedi Jantzen - DeepEllumONAIR

“DeepEllumONAIR loves your music!”


“We REALLY enjoyed your show last night. You guys (and vocalist Trica) are true professionals and your sound was perfect! You're all such talented musicians and it definitely comes across when you perform. I'm a devoted fan after being blown away by your show last night!”

Jon Remy