Never Awake / Press

“This band has their own sound, their own structural genius, and a penchant for amazing choruses that will have you singing out loud. I'm really excited to see where these guys take their sound, and I plan to enjoy "Underground" for some time yet.”

“These guys focus on heavy intricate grooves and a modern intense progressive sound reminiscent of the heavier side of Porcupine Tree. Great stuff that gets better with each listen!”

“Underground” is a fantastic debut full length album and it shows a band with a clear idea of what they want to play and how they want to sound. I can’t find a flaw in this album at all, it’s the perfect mix and if this band achieves the success bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X and Tool have enjoyed, there is no reason this album shouldn’t be considered as a modern progressive metal masterpiece.”

“Needless to say this CD comes with my highest recommendation! Be sure to keep an eye out for Never Awake my friends as this is one progressive metal band that has HUGE written all over them!!!!”

“progressive metal that merges groove and melody with generous amounts of technicality. Underground has the usual suspects of the expected twists and turns in tempo and time signatures.”

"The guitar work in particular is extremely exceptional. Add to that the songwriting prowess this band provides amd a big sound that competes with anyone out there today, or yesterday and you’ll see this is a band to catch. " "Melodic changes and bursts of bombast galore that take them to an even more progressive level..."

"I simply could not take my eyes and ears off either of them throughout the performance, as they were both of the jaw dropping persuasion at their craft. Man alive, are these guys good..."