Nerio / Press

“Dj Nerio is an electro-music genius who is able to turn a simple track into a dance masterpiece; once again proving, that the Swedes have that special flair and touch, when it comes to dance music. Linde Sagen on the other hand is amazing at executing the beautiful melodies that decorate Nerio’s intense beats and breaks.”

“We bring you an intense track preview from Sweden House Project. House music at it’s finest with bright synths, hands up saw’s and strong vocals. When listening to this track we couldn’t help but dancing and we’re sure you will too! Danny Rossing’s voice fits so nicely on here it’s like a perfect match, hope to hear him on more track soon. This is a preview and will update you when it’s final release comes out! We are stoked to hear it and we hope you are too!”

“Sweden House Project, Joakim Ekberg is a very talented guy from Uppsala, Sweden. When he started to follow me I listened at the song “Be my bitch” – Feat Danny Rossing. The instrumental piece maked me smile and Danny‘s voice too! So great composed, a perfect track. The only thing that maked me a bit sad was that it only were a preview. I just have to know when this track is finished, I’m sure everybody else who have heard this track thinks the same. I will not forget to say, the rest of the tracks by Sweden House Project is pure perfection in my ears! Check this guy out!”