Ne' Richa / Press

"I'm all about positive music," Richmond said. "All the gunplay and all the drugs -- I'm not all about that in music. I want to write that type of music that anyone from the age of 5 to 95 can enjoy and it's going to hit different markets and different ears in different ways and teach."

"Your flow is sick!"

Shyheim (Hip Hop artist, CEO of Bottoms Up Ent) - .

"I can already see you on tour right now! Your voice is AMAZING"

KRS-ONE (Hip Hop Pioneer/Public Speaker) - .

“Coming to you from Erie, PA is a very talent female DJ & MC by the name of Ne’Richa. Born Natalie Richmond, known to her listeners at WERG (90.5fm) as DJ Nilla, this young lady is an empire in the making. I had the pleasure of talking to her and her love of the craft and music is an astounding breath of fresh air. From the age of 5, Ne’Richa knew that she wanted to perform, but not for fame or money, but because of the love and respect of hip-hop. She steps outside the box creating beats and lyrics that are brimming with honest emotions, messages, and combinations that one would have never fathomed to marry. Since her first official show in 2002 at the JFK Center, and airing her own show in 2007 at WERG, she has been mesmerizing audiences with her unpredictable, animated, legacy creating style...”