Nerd Revolt / Press

“The lyrics enter your mind and make you think, while the melodies and unique sound selections sink through the skin and chill to the bone.”

“...the icy chill of these songs is all-enveloping. Most intriguing.”

“Sleek, sexy & rich with synth power...”

“It feels like club music, but it isn’t horribly repetitive or skull-crushingly rhythmic. It’s just…Pretty damn cool.”

“You hear elements of Downtempo, Dark Ambient, Post-Punk, New Wave and hints of Kraftwerk-esque electronica. The result is a moody sound that has a crisp edge to it.”

“Dig good beats? Synths and other electronics perfectly crafted for dancing? That’s pretty much Nerd Revolt’s self-released, self-titled, debut album.”

“It's laced with robotic programming, soaked in synth, dark, powder-soft vocals provided by the iLL.F.O.... and tells stories of self-expression and liberation.”

"They bring more than style and synth to the table. It’s clear that they are well on their way to creating a movement."