Neon Cobra / Press

“The cigarette and whiskey laden vocals of Jason “Thunder” Walters, along with band members whose names sound like raunchy porn stars, Jason “Bad News” Plummer, Nick “Tickles” Payne and Andy “Hammerpants” Hogan, will not only rock you to death, but will leave you feeling violated in a good way.”

“You can hear the fun that these guys are having on this album with the biting and fun lyrics, the power that they possess and it really makes for a great listen.”

“When the headliner is famous for pulling off stunts like making the entire audience limbo, the opening acts have some big-ass shoes to fill. Austin’s Neon Cobra took the first whack at it with their blatantly sexual, inexplicably patriotic anthems dripping with ’80s hair-metal nostalgia. Their set climaxed with the lead singer smashing a perfectly good acoustic six-string (painted with with red and white stripes and a blue silhouette of a howling wolf) directly into the skull of his lead guitarist.”

“In an interesting contrast, Neon Cobra opened with some of the most American feeling, head-bangin’ rock and roll I’ve experienced in a while. (Think bare-chested front man, denim vest with the word “Thunder” emblazoned above an American flag, and song lyrics about whiskey).”

“Best New Band...#3 Neon Cobra”

"Best Punk...#8 Neon Cobra"

"Neon Cobra has a sound full of emotion and raw energy that is reminiscent of the sounds your parents can’t tolerate or understand."