Zulayka / Press

“Right from the beginning, the mood is set with meaty, dramatic chords offset with gentle string plucks. The drum programming is energetic yet subtle, allowing for Zulayka to come in and verbalize a scorned woman’s fury. She is most effective during the verses, where her rapid-fire phrasing squeezes the hurt and anger into tight rhythmic spaces. Zulayka’s position is unshakeable as she belts out the bridge, “You can no longer hold me down; I’m not getting played out.” “You’re No Different” is not just a song that women can rally around, but a possible crossover hit in the making. Her voice is powerful enough to be registered as a lethal weapon and she handles it with the utmost professionalism. There’s never a moment of over-phrasing words that already paint a detailed portrait of a woman who wants out of the relationship. Instead, she allows the lyrics to direct her voice down the right path, which makes for a very honest and captivating performance. ”