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“San Diego Music Foundation announces 2015 Nominees. Nena Anderson nominated in the categories of Americana and Cover/Tribute Band (Cash'd Out) -- head to http://www.sandiegomusicawards.com to vote.” Winners are vote based.”

“Nena Anderson Nominated for 2 San Diego Music Awards in the catagories of Americana and Cover/Tribute Band (Cash'd Out) -- head to http://www.sandiegomusicawards.com to vote.”

"Nena Anderson is just a wonderful singer and songwriter. She's been on the scene for several years and she can really do anything from sort of a sultry Etta James-ish kind of vocal style to what we will see Brawley, which is a little bit more of a June Carter kind of approach. She always surrounds herself with great musicians and this is an example of a project that just has her stamp on it as far as taste and quality."

“Nena Anderson’s sultry, blues-tinged vocals and sweetheart of Americana swagger are enough to captivate any room, even one as big as the 1,600-seat downtown Balboa Theatre. Her confident stage persona and song book of lost love laments has obviously caught the eyes and ears of local booking agents, as she’s tabbed to open up for Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Famer Gregg Allman on January 9th.”

“Excellent. Finally, a female vocalist who doesn't sound like all the other female recording artists today. Distinct as late career Joni Mitchell, strong as Emmylou Harris, warm as Mary Chapin Carpenter and rolled into one: an original is born. I love it. Good song too. This young lady deserves attention. Great supporting musicians put a frame of optimism around Nena's sadly sincere vocals. Difficult tightrope to walk but Nena succeeds. She's in pieces on the floor -- how many of us have felt that way? She also has a wonderful way with vocalizing her beautiful lyrics that is beyond mere singing with a good voice. Bravo. ”

“Nena Anderson is incredible ... Her vocals are stunning and she’s always backed by great musicians. Her album Beyond The Lights is a great collection of music and has been one of my favorites throughout the year. Crooning songs of heartbreak and longing along with honky-tonk toe-tappers and unique covers – her sets are poised and polished.”

“2012 San Diego Music Awards Nominees Announced -- Nena Anderson, nominations: Best Americana Artist, Best Americana Album & Best Jazz Album ”

“Radio Interview : KPBS Midday Edition speaks with Nena Anderson about her creative process, her first record and the challenges of being a musician today. "Whether she's playing solo shows or fronting her band, The Mules, Anderson is known around town for her lush, bluesy country-and-jazz-tinged vocals (think Neko Case meets Billie Holiday) and commanding stage presence. Last fall, Anderson released her debut record, "Beyond The Lights," which showcases her infectious blend of the blues, jazz, country and Americana. It's thoroughly modern music with lots of vintage charm."”

“Named BEST ALBUM 2011 - SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 San Diego Records "A complete, well-rounded ear full of Americana music that features the sultry, understated vocals and songwriting ability of Nena Anderson. Anderson uses her soulful approach to pull you into her world of lost love laments with delightful ease. The songs are so well crafted, and with the help of her solid backing band, make up a gorgeous collection of material. It’s a record that I seem to keep going back to over the course of last year and I am sure, because of its depth and staying power, I will be spinning it for years to come."”

“HOMEGROWN: Songwriter Anderson makes her mark as musical chameleon -- "...you shouldn't be surprised that Anderson is an artistic chameleon. A presence both on live stages and on the Web, Anderson can be heard singing a country-inflected tune such as "I Fall in Love Too Fast" one minute, swamp blues such as "Daggers" another, and the jazz classic "This Can't Be Love" the next."”

"Anderson’s 2011 LP, Beyond the Lights, is part Neko Case and part Billie Holiday, with a dash of Ragged Glory-era Neil Young thrown in in for good measure. It’s one of the San Diego scene’s overlooked gems"

“With a voice and style that echoes the past, yet possessing a unique contemporary flair, Nena Anderson is a gal who will steal your heart and give it back ever-so-gently... It’s no wonder she’s been dubbed The Sweetheart or Americana- prepare to swoon!”

““I Fall in Love Too Fast” is the new single from Nena Anderson’s debut album, Beyond the Lights, but it might as well refer to how quickly you’ll become enamored with her on first listen. Recently released to unanimous praise, the Encinitas native has fashioned a solid collection of gorgeous songs that sound like they’ve been spinning on turntables since the 60’s. And if the lead-off single somehow doesn’t do the trick, songs like “Sink or Swim” and “Daggers” will have you hopelessly hooked.”

“Anderson has been the rare Americana singer/songwriter with the versatility to sing on award-nominated local jazz projects...while also doing shows singing June Carter’s parts with the Johnny Cash tribute band Cash’d Out. Beyond the Lights is her debut solo CD, and her ten originals draw from this depth of styles and experience while highlighting a warm, bright voice capable of digging deep and bouncing high. Anderson is backed on the disc by Mule members, including guitarist Mike Butler, who produced and did the sharp work on the boards to create an ace alt-country/pop shimmer on tune after tune.http://www.reverbnation.com/artist/control_room/455570?tab=profile&subnav=profile_press”

“Nena Anderson’s new album Beyond The Lights is a handful of honky tonk lost love laments. ...a compelling alt country ride that casts a spotlight on a vocal and songwriting ability that is sure to last.”

“SD Rock ‘n’ Roll’s Top 5 Songs of 2011 #2. “I Fall In Love Too Fast” by Nena Anderson. Nena Anderson lays down such a smooth caramel vocal that it hooks you in almost instantly. Probably the most radio friendly song of this year’s top tracks, Anderson’s band provides engaging background to fill the song out without taking over its overall feel. Play it a few times and I guarantee you will be humming it all day long.”

“It’s halfway through track number 8, “One More,” that I’m convinced of Anderson’s ability to craft multiple styles of music. Be it the heart-grabbing emotion she uses on the slower waltzes, or the punch she delivers to the up-tempo jumping jukes, Nena Anderson has a firm grasp on songwriting.”

“Encinitas native Nena Anderson, who opens, is worth arriving early to hear. She draws from the same styles as Holland, but is developing a distinctive and inviting sound of her own. Anderson's impressive debut album, "Beyond the Lights," indicates that she's a growing talent worth tracking.”

“You are a wonderful storyteller and I’m impressed in how assessable and deceptively uncomplicated your lyrics are – there is a wonderful clarity, and getting beautifully to the point in most all your songs.”

“The Belly Up hosts Nena Anderson’s CD-release party on Wednesday, September 14, with Americana bands Old Tiger and Dead Feather Moon also performing.”

“Anderson doesn't just tip her hat to country or jazz when she sings in the different styles. When she's singing about Cadillacs, trains, Momma, dogs, and rain with Brawley, it's pure country...”

“Real Country, Real Jazz, Real Music”

“On the stage, Anderson exudes the enviable self-assurance of someone who’s exactly where she’s supposed to be.”

“Nominated for 3 categories in this year's 2010 San Diego Music Awards: Nena Anderson (Best Jazz) Brawley (Best Americana) The Neverout (Best New Artist)”

“moody, compelling originals”

Mary Leary - San Diego Reader

“Moving between jazz standards, original and vintage country material and ensembles, Anderson’s been turning into a world-class vocalist.”

“kick-ass old-timey jazz”

“2008 San Diego Music Awards Nominee, Best Acoustic”


“2009 San Diego Music Awards Nominee, Best Jazz”

"Everything that is right about Americana music - a punkish spirit rooted in the music that made this country great..." -

“Nena Anderson's full of surprises”