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“Customer Review A Seriously Good Album, 4 Dec 2012 By Nanny Plum This review is from: Enemy Sessions [Explicit] (MP3 Download) This is a hidden gem. A collection of dark personal musings, written and performed with passion. Fantastic lyrics, interesting ideas and accomplished songwriting, vocals and musicianship. This will probably be pigeon-holed as 'Gothic Acoustic' but I think it's a lot more than that and defies genre labelling. Certainly not one to play at a polite dinner party, but although it's dark, and (in some places) slightly disturbing, it's also strangely life-affirming and uplifting. Standout tracks include 'Without Love', 'Witness', 'The Passenger Didn't Know' and 'No Amount of Darkness' and I urge people to take a chance and download a couple of tracks so they can see how great this is.”

“Acoustic Fuelled chunks of Melodrama”


“A Weird and Wonderful trip through the Purvis psyche”

[Sunday Independent]

“Windswept epics”

[Buzz Mag]

“Purvis wails like a lusty widow full of want”

[Subba Culture]

“Sonic heroics, strong song writing aloof of fads and trends”

[Big Cheese Magazine]