Nelson Riveros / Press

“Riveros has developed the chops as a performer and composer to take the lead on a release that is rhythmically vibrant, musically challenging and, perhaps most refreshing, accessible.”

“Riveros gives us a good look at a piece of his life on Camino Al Barrio, revealing a defined artist with a broad musical background. His guitar playing leaps off the recording, revealing an insightful improviser with a firm grasp on melodic construction and artistic finesse. Riveros’ improvisations flow through the recording with the thematic fluidity of Metheny while maintaining a traditional jazz approach to playing through the changes. As a composer, Riveros displays a firm grasp on harmony and a bluesy melodic sense that links him to the great hard bop and soul jazz writers. He places these ideas in a Latin Jazz context, but balances the two worlds evenly; South American and Caribbean rhythms support the songs, but they never overwhelm them or get lost. The revealing choice of repertoire on Camino Al Barrio paints Riveros as an interesting artist with a broad background, leaving us excited to hear about the next chapter in his life.”

“Young guitarist and rising Latin jazz artist Nelson Riveros walks through a landscape of Latin, Brazilian and contemporary jazz on Camino Al Barrio; an adventurous debut outing with outstanding musicianship and impressive material sure to bring well-deserved attention.”