Neldöreth / Press

“Fucking Underground & Heavy to the max!! Great music, great lyrics, and seriously Satanic overtones (which I not only appreciate, but truly find inspiring). This band is definitely the real-fucking-deal!!!”

Jeff Becerra (Possessed)

“In the end, I hear TONS of potential with the band. This is a band to keep an eye on for sure. What they do hear with 2 people is better than what quite a few “major” bands can do with money, connections and 5 members!”

“Neldöreth have set a charge against the gates of heaven with their newest EP, Invert Christ. Covered in the blood of non-believers, this dreadful duo from Pennsylvania have raised their weapons high and have declared war, in the name of Satan, against poser metal pussies everywhere. . . .”

“Invert Christ shows some great promise for Neldöreth. With such a successful transition from Black Metal to Death Metal, there's no denying that, in time, this two piece will be able to come up with some very impressive material as they mature as a group.”