“hails and hugs to nekropsy!stay brutal love mikki”

“Jun 24 2009 3:27 AM I love you guys! Peace, *Bridget*”

“Nekropsy is a band that definitely does NOT toe the line!”


“that is a bad ass video and tune..thrash on!”

“Thanks guys, great video! Keep the good music coming, we southern metal heads love it. -Epiphany”

“all i can say is KICK ASS !!!!!!!!!!!! ”

“nekropsy/infidel-split cd {40 hour death}reviewed by patrick beginning of f this split is illinois's own nekropsy.i am not sure what it is about the state of illinois but it has produced some of the best and most brutal death bands out there.and nekropsy carry the torch high with pride and honor.”

“metal hails!!! after you all check out the interview with paul and wanna learn more i would highly recomend emailing him.total metal warrior and true supporter of the death metal scene!!! no gimmicks,no rock star attitude,just undying love for all things death AND metal!!!!! patrick”

“Best Death Metal Trio ”

“Fuck Yeah dudes!! Really lookin forward to jammin witchas again”