Neil Cribbs / Press

“From the start of the strumming, Neil Cribbs grabs hold and moves you to relaxation, to take stock of the journey inside of a single day. There exists a storyteller quality to Cribbs’ voice which lends itself well to the tone of voice accompanying American soul songs. His songwriting is a solid stew of elements including inspirations drawn from Tom Petty’s chord progressions and Bob Dylan’s bluesy style of harmonica and folk tales. What captures the attention in the songs on Marionette is the spirit of feeling which drives through each track and gets inside the listener. When I first heard the songs, I was hooked. Incredibly busy, but instantly hooked by the solid rhythms and heartfelt lines, unable to break away. The harp solos reflect back on the lyrics, dynamically building the pressure from the chord strumming and straining vocals. With tracks this easy to connect with and understand, Neil Cribbs is destined to find solace in small towns and fun loving audiences.”

“Neil has a soulful voice and spins story after story with his songs. I have been listening to his album, Marionette for a few weeks now, every time I listen to it, it gets better and better. (If you want more details on his record you can check out my review from a few weeks ago here.) Cribbs, an Atlanta singer songwriter by way of Wilmington and Boone, NC, who is a fan of the Trolly Stop hot dog, (I can verify, these hot dogs are pretty damn good) writes and performs his own tunes. Sweet, soulful songs, songs you want to listen to over and over again. Songs that stick to your gut, stay in your head, remind you of why you dig music in the first place. In addition to his originals, he tosses in some cover tunes, not the everyday usual covers, but stuff you don't usually see, such as tunes by Sam Cooke, Michael Jackson and the Bee Gees.”

“There are plenty of good reasons for you to be at Smith’s Olde Bar this Thursday, July 1 around 9 p.m. The most important reason for you to swing on by Smith’s on Thursday will be to hear some great live tunes from local artist Neil Cribbs. Neil Cribbs, a transplant from Boone, N.C., has been delighting audiences around Atlanta with his dusky vocals and reflective lyrics for over two years. His songs are stories of the greatest American past times: love, loss, memory and hope, crafted together with solid, rhythmic guitar and bright bursts of harmonica. Cribbs will be playing a mix of fervid originals from his new album “Marionette,” along with some familiar tunes he has restyled to fit perfectly in his portfolio. Ever heard Michael Jackson in the style of Americana? Well be prepared to do a sparkly-gloved crotch grab of enthusiasm because you will this Thursday.”

“South of the city in Senoia, GA, Neil Cribbs will be treating the patrons of Maguire’s Irish Pub to a little piece of Americana with his soothing melodies and storytelling on Friday June 18th. This singer/songwriter paints vivid pictures with his songs all while getting you to tap your feet to the music. Check out the tune "Last Train", it is a great example of his work. Your ears will thank you for checking him out in this intimate setting. If you miss him Friday, then hop across town to the Alamo in Newnan Saturday the 19th, and check Neil out there. (Take a gander at my previous article about Neil here)”

“Atlanta is filled with good music, bands, dj's, rappers, singer songwriters, you name it. There are shows all over town highlighting some of these artists, and you can usually find their music at local record stores or online. One of these artists is Neil Cribbs. If you enjoy good singer/songwriters then you need to listen to Neil's album "Marionette" then check him out live, he will be playing all over in the next month or so. Neil puts his heart and soul into each tune, writing songs that are more short stories than quirky tunes. His lyrics and music create graphic images brought to life by his soulful voice when listening to them. Stories of loss, wanting, sorrow and love. Songs like "Mollie", "Last Tran", "Corner Of Me", "With Me" and "Don't Forget The Mountains" punctuate Neil's song writing abilities. His guitar fits each tune perfectly and he picks the right spots to fill in with haunting harmonica.”