Neighbors To The North / Press

“Neighbors to the North. Fucking Rock. I use that word in not meaning that they rock really good, but more in that they rock really hard [which in turn, I guess does make it really good. cause it is.] The definitive reason you rock. NTN music is the kind of shit you put on in your bedroom when you are 15 years old and turn your brand new amp up to 10 with a fuzz pedal and jam away jumping off your bed and pissing your parents off. I really tried not using a cuss word to describe them. But see them live and I bet the same four letter word will relieve itself from your mouth at the end of their set.”

“I always gauge rock acts, especially those with guitars so prominently out front, by their live shows. I haven't seen this band yet, but the first three songs on this six-song EP are straight up, Camaro-driving R-O-C-K tunes, joyously not watered down or encumbered by any "indie" or "alternative" trappings.”