""Negative Rental Space"" / Press

“Arnie you are wonderfully talented. This project is wonderful in its spacial quality. Death by Pop Art (outside of one of the best titles I've seen) is eerie in its ability to convey absolute calmness and loneliness simultaneously. Brilliant. Best wishes.”

Reverbnation Artist - 12 string scott


Grimm Jack - Reverbnation

“Ah that was sooo off the wall stuff! I have taken the liberty of downloading a copy (of Goth Family Christmas) to try it out on a movie soundtrack. as soon as I get the rough cut video in my hands I'll try it out. And if it sounds good, I'll e-mail you a clip to see, etc. excellent!!!”

“This is a world in it's own. Very experimental and grand. Brilliant. So fricking unique and original. Way beyond. Serious and beautiful. I will stop now. Cheers”

“This is WILD stuff, very creative. If I didn't know any better, I'd say there was a lot of LSD involved with the making of this.”

“Experimental that is experimental. Shakes me up a bit, which is what I like in a listen.”