Neel Daniel / Press

“Interview with the fine folks at four5six.net, a great site connecting artist and fans based in New York.”

“Interview at four5six.net”

“Ok, it is now on the hitline as of April 20 2010 and what is up that it is not getting some more attention. this is a lovely song...ok lets start a revolution ,great stuff Neel. it is BEAUTIFUL”

“Review of "Beautiful" the single; NICE ONE, we all need to be told this , its all about LUV TRUTH and being HONEST with your soulmate. ”

“Y como anticipo a la publicación de ese primer álbum, aquí os dejo "Beautiful". Una canción perfecta para desembocar en primer sencillo de presentación, y que como la primavera, de puntillas y casi sin apercibirte de ello, te atrapa con sus maravillosas cualidades de desparpajo, franqueza, y desahogo. Hermosa simplicidad... And as advance to the publication of that first album, I leave " here you; Beautiful". A perfect song to end at first simple of presentation, and that like the spring, of finishing nails and almost without apercibirte of it, catches to you with its wonderful qualities of self-confidence, directness, and relief. Beautiful simplicity…”