Necroriser / Press

" An excellent band with bright prospects, I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more about these guys." - The Heavy Metal Puppets

"Satisfying neck muscle work out." - Terrorizer #215

"Necroriser are a breed of awesome far removed from the usual dregs." - Suicide Scriptures

“Over the past decade it seems as if kids have just gotten so much better at their instruments. Maybe they have been listening to Messhuggah too much, or maybe, that air of proficiency is just in the air. Not Necroriser though. The once South American, now London-based trio plays like it’s 1991 and they are all the better for it. It is safe to say that had Necroriser been a band back in the halcyon days of the Florida death metal scene they would have signed to Roadrunner Records. That’s how they sound, somewhat tepid Morrisound-ish production included. Suicide is their first EP and is truly back to basics. It’s as if these guys haven’t listened to anything that has been recorded after 1998. In “Pain” Necroriser sounds dangerously close to Sepultura back in the Beneath the Remains days, heavy accent included. The whole EP has this proto death metal feel to it, it is actually quite the nostalgia trip. Read more:http://www.deafsparrow.com/thegoodthebadtheunsignedXVII-featu”

“Necroriser (4.5/5) who are a very enjoyable fast paced speed death band mixing the elementals sublimely to create a very unique sound. Led by bassist singer, the pit opens up for the Brazilian growl infused thrashers. With such delightful precision drumming of fluid and robotically fast and simplicity in stage show with pure attention on the music and crowd reaction, which is lapping up the head-bangable crunch of the band.”

“Necroriser supporting Cannabis Corpse 08/09/2011 Review: ..."However, emptiness had not befallen the venue this time. The early crowd had a purpose: to catch one of London’s most impressive young bands. So they congregated in the middle as soon as Cavity Search had shut up shop, yelling at their friends to bring the beer jars their way for fear of losing the optimal spot. A few quizzical faces lit the back area near the stairs – odd to see such Thursday night hysteria. Yes, bands this far down the bill rarely get such attention. But Necroriser are a breed of awesome far removed from the usual dregs. Had someone met their vicious thrash attack with apathy or sneers, going off to the side to scratch their nads, wearing a dismissive face as they text messaged some other human elsewhere in the city, they’d have immediately vanished because they don’t exist, they are made up, they are the crud of make-believe. Of course they are. ...read more: http://suicidescriptures.com/?p=2846”