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“The crew at METALTITANS has picked their top 10 albums for 2013 (alphabetically) Alter Bridge - Fortress Amon Amarth - Deceiver of the Gods Exhumed - Necrocriay Hate - Solarflesh NECRONOMICON - Rise of the Elder Ones Protest the Hero - Volition Revocation - Revocation Rob Zombie - Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor Totengefluster - Vorn Seelensterben Tyr - Valkyria”

“Making the switch over to Season Of Mist from Napalm, NECRONOMICON continues to be one of extreme metal’s most underrated majicks, this group the proprietor of an absurdly well-written catalogue, one highlighted by 2003’s The Sacred Medicines, a record that still hasn’t reached its proper pinnacle of praise, a decade later. Rise Of The Elder Ones continues the wrath that Rob “The Witch” Tremblay has been propagating for more than two decades, this record continuously channeling the best moments of BEHEMOTH and symphonic death à la GODFLESH APOCALYPSE while remaining entirely Necronomicon, an impressive feat that would place the collective amongst the elite if merit was the only criteria. Rise Of The Elder Ones reaffirms the fact that Tremblay can execute the type of seminal death metal that is revered the globe over, as its uncompromising yet highly listenable brand is always an effective proposition, especially when all the band’s confluences converge in a statement of pu”

“Étant donné que le groupe est tout de même adhérent au style death métal, il est important de souligner que l’album baigne abondamment dans ce style tout en se laissant envelopper par une parcelle de métal de la vieille école grâce à des coups de pick déterminés, une basse frétillante et du blast beat rigoureux comme sur The Valley of the Lost Souls, The End of Times en plus de l’hyperactive From Beyond. Death métal vigoureux mais avide d’un élargissement certain envers d’autres sonorités, le groupe tente de repousser les frontières métalliques avec quelques pulsions vers des arrangements soignés comme la pièce Celestial Being avec ses cordes enivrantes, son orgue de la hantise et des voix archangéliques. Quelques bribes du même genre se retrouvent de façon sporadique tout au long de l’album, le tout est servi en quantité infime (comme avec The Nuclear Chaos, pièce ambiante qui scinde l’album) donc il demeure impossible d’en avoir des hauts le cœ”

“This is fucking intense and wicked technical death metal with subtle black metal influences and a myriad of quality melodies strewn throughout. Sometimes symphonic and elegant, at other times just straight-up head-shredding! This outstanding underground act has weathered the storm of trends and thus presents a superb album of symphonic metal that smashes poseur acts like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle of Filth”

Metal Maniac (USA)

“Rise Of The Elders starts off a bit “meh.” Bu given a flying chance, it’ll impress! There are snare-blasts and crunchy riff bits tied together by a nice, gritty production. I <3 the really pronounced mid-range, the wicked speed of everything, and goddamn there’s even synth here and there. I imagine Rise played at the gates of hell, or at least as elevator music during your descent into the bleak eternity where you can smoke, drink, and high-five Satan all day.”

Metal Sucks, (USA)

“n recent years Quebec has come to be known more for their atmospheric/ambient black metal output, but Necronomicon has been unleashing a more violent and brutal form of extremity since their early days, forming all the way back in 1988. This year sees the band releasing their fourth full length opus, fittingly titled The Rise of the Elder Ones. The band’s aural assault is immediate and relentless, and right from the start of the album with Resurrected, the listener is battered by the blasting of Rick. The crushing intensity, speed and brutality that is in the music of Necronomicon quickly reminds one of bands such as Hour of Penance and the likes, and the at times rather Eastern sounding melodies that are unleashed by guitarist Rob even brings about some slight Nile comparison. The band often displays rather complex technicality in their playing as well, and apart from the excellent drumming of Rick, Rob’s guitar riffs and lead spots can get rather technical as well. ”

Heavy Metal Tribune (Singapore)

“Necronomicon - Rise Of The Elder Ones Label : Season Of Mist | Archive under death metal / grindcore Release type: Full-length CD Sicktus : The Canadian act Necronomicon have been active since 1988 and have (amongst other things) released their debut 'Pharaoh Of Gods' (1999) and 'The Return Of The Witch' (2010). Although the band's birthyear is pretty damn oldschool approved, Necronomicon sound surprisingly modern and present-day. The band's style suits the current hausse of bands that combine technical death with symphonic and dark metal elements and prominent keys very well. Think of the veterans of Behemoth and Septicflesh or a relatively new act such as Fleshgod Apocalypse who (nowadays) are active in that corner of the metal stylebook. They are all bands with a sound of their own, but they do however fish in the same 'fan-pond' strikingly often. ”

Lords of Metal ( Benelux)