Necronomichrist / Press

“If you are a fan of black/death metal and have never heard Necronomichrist, do yourself a favor and check them out. This band is truly the real deal. No bullshit here, no silly clown makeup, no posing and pretending to be brutal. The riffs are heavy, the lyrics are blasphemous and the drumming is the best you will hear anywhere. These guys make no bones about what they are, simply one of the heaviest extreme metal bands on the local scene right now. It’s all about the music with Necronomichrist, making the most brutal wall of sound that will take the listener on a journey into the darkest corner of hell, then turn around and drag their bloodied corpse back to the living world and drop it in a ditch on the side of the road”

“First up was Necronomichrist. They started the night off right. Blowing the roof off the place with a brutal hard fast & loud set that immediately got the crowd primed and ready to go! Singer Bill Sawin growled and snarled his way through the set like a mad cave man Fantastic!! The rest of the band, guitarist Fat Lenny Patterson, bassist Nate Plummer, keyboardist Matt O’Brien, and drummer Kendall Divoll (also of Infinite Descent) served up a blistering wall of sound that was both polished and brutal at the same time! All in all a great band that needs to be seen live to be appreciated!”