Necrocosm / Press

“What strikes me from the get go is how mature they sound for a band that formed just a few years ago in 2011. Their music is intense, forceful and guided by soaring melodies to help forge a sound not unlike a band like The Absence. The opening number “Damnation” is a short instrumental to get the blood pumping, but the galloping intensity soon starts up in the next track called “Sworn Hatred” followed by some swooning melodies to get me immediately interested. The next track “Architects of Death” picks up the pace with rapid fire riffing and venomous vocals, practically getting me to jump up from my chair seeking that mosh pit to let loose in. I think this is my favorite track on the album, until “Disavow” erupts and never lets me go. The rabid vocals and relentless riffing come very close to resembling early Lamb of God, but this number proves to a have a life all its own. ...Necrocosm is overflowing with musical talent and that should help them in the long run.”

“This fall, Raleigh quintet Necrocosm will release the full-length Damnation Doctrine and start writing the next one. If the new album’s first single, “Octopian Eclipse,” is any indication, Necrocosm will deliver an old-school death metal monster. Constantly shifting from guttural ground-and-pound to blazing solos and fret-board sprints, the song’s a showcase of the band’s versatile volatility.”

“I’ve been looking forward to Necrocosm’s debut since I heard their demo last year. They play some ripping melodic death metal that stays well on the death side of the genre, while throwing out some epic guitar hero riffs. Here at last, is ‘Damnnation Doctrine’. A fiercely guttural vocal fights with sleek melodic riffs for attention, reminding you of how good melodeath can be when it is does right. Think early In Flames, not late In Flames. Galloping riffs consume your neck in a frenzy of headbanging moments. Remember a few years back when anything tagged as ‘melodic death metal’ was generic, At the Gates clones with lots of musical talent but no songwriting ability? Fear not, Necrocosm are here to save the day. Guitar hero-esque riffing, killer solos, a satisfyingly brutal vocal performance missing all traces of clean vocals and a thunderous drumming performance does a great metal album make. ‘Damnation Doctrine’ is 2015’s first essential melodeath record, and it may ”

“Satisfaction as well as amazement, when getting the complete package in the magnificent composition in expressing of the beauty humming in melodic and technical, really tied in the darkness of the ruthless nuances, scary, touching the soul and charming with a densely melodic concept, by sound reflections from the death of the dark, Dim and black. Heard 'Octopian Eclipse', such as opening the gate from another dimension, and is ready to give this soul to the ruler's screams at there. The arrival of the debut album entitled ' Damnation Doctrine ', really we hope it's coming this year, besides providing a powerful contemplation of a magnificent touch of melodic death metal, we also admire the structure of the tempo, because it is very dense, blasphemous, provocative and very close to the black norm.”

“Two-guitar Raleigh quintet Necrocosm sources its frenetic metal largely from Scandinavia, applying the early drive of Emperor to the memorable blasts of At the Gates. They thrash and lurch, roar and stop, ringing enough melodies through their melee to leave an impression.”