Necktie Killer / Press

“The band just released their debut album “Heavy and Horny” in June which will be available at the show. All members are accomplished and potent musicians in their own right, and all are involved to some degree in the song writing process. This is a big reason for the stylistic diversity in the music. Necktie Killer is a firm advocate of skankin, partyin, bravado, and tellin the man to get fucked. The Rude Boy is comin, and he’s rockin a tie. Don’t miss this BendPM favorite in all their glory!”

“Local favorites Necktie Killer join Mike Pinto from San Diego and headliners The Supervillains from Orlando, Florida for what’s sure to be a sweaty, groovy mess of fun. Those who know the jazzy/ska/reggae vibe of bands like The Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Sublime will find their groove at this show. The Supervillains have a new CD out (Massive on Law records) and are coming off a successful tour opening for the legendary Wailers so watch out! OMN will feature a full review of the Bend show soon after the dancing stops.”

“Necktie Killer (runner up) Ska music hasn't been popular since the 90s right? And even then its sway over the airwaves seemed to last for only a millisecond. Today in Bend, Ska is alive and well thanks to the dynamic band Necktie Killer. Fast paced is a bit of an understatement when talking about the bounce-til-you-upchuck rowdy offerings of this murderous group of ultra-talented musicians. Necktie Killer compounds the brightness of their danceable dub-pop rock with lustrous brass like trumpet and trombone. (EM)”

“For anyone who has seen Necktie over the past several years — at a festival, one of their countless bar gigs or as they skanked their way to the title of Last Band Standing in 2011 — “Heavy & Horny" will be more of what makes the band so much fun live: memorable melodies, a crunchy twin-guitar attack, sweaty punk-rock urgency (and antiestablisment ethos), occasional forays into hip-hop, metal and straight reggae, and a horn section that provides a brassy, vibrant quality that is simply irresistible.”

“There is no ska scene in Bend. In fact, there's probably not a ska scene in most U.S. cities. That's because it is currently 2010, more than a decade after the horn-friendly, dance-happy sub-genre disappeared from a brief stay in the mainstream before enjoying some niche success and finally finding itself relegated to a shady corner somewhere deep in the underground. The members of Necktie Killer are aware that ska - the island-inspired, but punk adopted upbeat precursor to reggae - is not huge here. And that's why they're doing something to change that. First off, they used the musical chops learned in Redmond High School's music programs to form their seven-member band and have spent the past two years playing local shows. Now, vocalist and trumpeter Ben Mann, along with help from the rest of the band, are bringing the biggest names in ska to Bend.”

“I’ve been working on a profile of local ska-punk-funk band Necktie Killer this week and in the process, I learned that the band is in the process of helping to build their very own ska scene here in Bend by bringing in some huge names from the genre to Mountain’s Edge Bar (formerly Timber’s South): The Toasters and The Slackers. This is all in addition to next weekend’s show featuring Florida ska punks The Supervillains. Of course, Necktie Killer is set to open up for each of these shows. Necktie Killer has been working with management at Mountain’s Edge to bring in some high-profile acts from the ska genre, and the slate they have so far is pretty damn impressive.”