Nearest / Press

“Their sound borders on Daft Punk’s epic “Tron” soundtrack of epic soundscapes and LCD Soundsystem’s progressive indie electronic sound with a bit more of a club vibe to it.”

“Da lì al primo remix dell’album il passo è breve, brevissimo. I Nearest, che son reduci da un ottimo EP omonimo di 7 tracce di debutto, mettono mano a “Dominio“, dotando la traccia di quelli che sono i tratti peculiari del progetto: beats penetranti, synth revival e influenze anni’80. Il risultato è davvero ottimo, e DLSO è felice di presentarlo in anteprima assoluta.”

“Denton, Texas's dark and trippy synth duo Vulgar Fashion are hitting the road to play a trio of shows on the east coast in April, including NYC at the Acheron on April 26 with Hot Guts, Nearest and Kidaudra. That'll be a good one--prepare for green and blue lights and leather. DJ sets will be provided by Theologian Prime and Ben Abstract, and more info can be found on the show's Facebook page. Tickets are on sale. The show is the middle date of the three, and on the other two Vulgar Fashion, Nearest, and Kidaudra will be joined by Statiqbloom, Fade Kainer of Batillus's very danceable electronic project.”

“The Annihilvs label will launch a brief Northeastern U.S. Spring tour, titled Spring Reverberations, in April. The micro-tour features an initial date on April 5 in Rhode Island, with artists Hot Guts, M Ax Noi Mach, Nearest, Brown Recluse Alpha, and Soft Target; the tour resumes April 25-27 in Rhode Island, New York, and Pennsylvania, featuring artists Vulgar Fashion, Statiqbloom, Craow, Nearest, Kidaudra. Label DJ Theologian Prime will DJ all events, along with other guest DJs. Official details are available through the Annihilvs Power Electronix website.”