Naymez / Press


“Okay thankyou Mr Naymez for that stomach touching ur ribs track- aka ur hungry bro- and i can hear it ur rhymes- from listening to it it sounds like you been doing this a long time and the right seasoning on a artist makes it better when the big labels / A&R's are scouting for fresh talent- if ur not signed yet its simply because the right people you need to no havent heard ur talent yet- therefor i say shop ur material around my brotha- there's defintley a place for u in hiphop #WORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“You simply can’t name names of hip hop artists on the rise without naming the flame spitter Naymez. This New Jersey native not only boasts superior lyrics and delivery, but a style all his own. His catchy and melodic hooks like those of “Meet Me at The Top” ft. Kortni Sean and “Dummy”, as well as his beat selection showcase this young phenom’s versatility, which is vital for artist survival in this music game. You hear his classic hip hop sound on tracks like “Thank You” produced by DJ Bless and “I’m Not a Dope Boy”, then he swags it out on records like “Straight Out The Trunk”. You gotta love this kid! While most artists stick to typical topics and flows, Naymez takes us through his pain, his struggles, and his journey to the top with a word play that’s unmatched by most. Enough of me chatter-boxing, take a listen for yourself and let us know what you think! Follow Naymez on Twitter (@Naymez) and remember who put you on to #RealHipHip!!!”