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“NationWideKings four song CD are out now. - Recently we started recording our single, but we could not agree on which song to choose. There were four of us in the studio, Elias our co-p roducer, Kunstbergs, Forsman and Vasanoja. Everyone had their own favourite. We deci ded to record all four songs, says Forsman. - That is why the CD contains four songs instead of one or two. We forgot the song we had in mind as the first one. When we finished recording t he four songs we decided to have that song the next time. NationWideKings from Sweden are Kunstbergs, Forsman and Vasanoja. The members origins from Zaint Rock. One of Swedens most legend ary bands in the early eightees. The band partied and jammed with Phil Lynott. The p eople that were around theese days gets some nostalgic look in their eyes when they speak a bout the bands cool attitude and concerts. Other people claims that it was Zaint Rock that mad e them form bands of their own.”

JF - NationWideKings CD out now