National Park Radio / Press

“The crowd danced furiously during most of NPR's set, and you could even see many of them singing along with the band's original songs.”

"AETN Presents: On the Front Row With National Park Radio" will premiere on the Arkansas Educational Television Network (AETN) Friday, Nov. 15, at 6:30 p.m.


“This CD blew my socks off. I had no idea what to expect going in, but I was very pleased upon listening to it. From up-tempo pieces such as “The Great Divide” to more melancholy fare such as “Virginia,” National Park Radio has a great sound, drawing from several genres for inspiration. I anxiously await hearing more tracks from this group. I would also revel in the opportunity to see them live as they sound as if they would have a great energy about them.”

“Local band National Park Radio has released its debut EP, and it is a doozy. Stefan Szabo, Kip Kibling, Isaac Szabo and Jamie Stevens are a mean quartet, making fantastic songs like “The Great Divide,” “Monochrome,” and “Steady” really resonate. While not exactly jam band music, it does have that vibe. This introduction album caused me to run the emotional gamut, from tears to an easy inner peace and back to reveling in the happy relationship I enjoy with my wife. This is a band that’s going places.”