nathan moore / Press

"Nathan possesses that great songwriter magic: When you have a feeling, he has a song for it. When you have something you can't describe, he can put it into words."

- State Of Mind Magazine

"As troubadours go, they don't come much truer than Nathan Moore. Nathan has a genuine communion with the lyric and craft of song, and an emotive and experienced voice influenced largely by Dylan, Tom Waits, Bukowski, Leonard Cohen, and years of travel."

– Jambase

"Nathan Moore may very well be one of the finest singer-songwriters of our generation. With songs that are so pure and honest, you can follow his pains and his joys note for note and word for word."

Joe Adler - - Glide Magazine

“he is not just a troubadour, he is a showman, interspersing in his set was the occasional tale from the road, sit in from Brad Barr, duet with a looped African chant and magic trick. He was a one man traveling show, even making his own novelty pins.”