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“ ...Songs like Back Again, It’s Love and Forever Now have a kind of powerful ballad-like style, while (potential) radio singles like Soundtrack, Where To Begin and Worthy have a little more kick and tempo to them that gives the album the energy it needs. But what struck me most while listening to “Dream In Truths” is the passion. In all the songs you can hear Nathan Brooks’ passion for music, for faith, for love, for life in general. I often say singer/songwriters need to bring something extra, something special to the table if they have the desire to make it in that highly competitive scene. Nathan Brooks has that, he literally pours his heart out on this record, and as he grows as a songwriter and a musician, I have a feeling this will only bring him more success...”

“Insightful, spiritual, and warmly constructed. I was taken by the way you were able to combine the Christian side of your music, with a spin that is uniquely your own. They were deep and meaningful, able to reach out and speak to my ears and my soul. When played thru my tube amp and bose speakers, it was like sitting in the room with you! Thank you for sharing your spirit with us”

“the whole cd to me has a touch of train, switchfoot, john mayer and on and on......theres really no bounardies to what you are capable of man, this cd touches all different aspects and very easy listening good work man”

Nick Rucker - Fan Review

“Feature in the Naples Daily News Community Section!”

Naples Daily News

“Top 100 of Southwest Florida! "Best Artist You Haven't Heard of... Yet!"”