Nate Rogers / Press

“Nate Rogers... offers his strongest, most committed performance on lead track "New Beginning," a stirring bit of contemporary country motivation that wouldn't be out of place in the oeuvre of Darius Rucker.”


"Stir Crazy" [is] a mile-a-minute ode to embracing life in all its insanity. Delivered in Southern boogie style with a hint of rockabilly hiccup, the lyrics find Rogers advising 'Make it your mission to focus your mind / Whatever your vision, it's time to make time / Follow your dream, it's yours for the taking / So get your ass moving and get the earth shaking.'


“The fundamental skill with which Rogers handles the range of material on his debut EP suggests that he could be someone to keep an eye on as he settles into a style all his own.”


“New Beginning is a total earworm. Can't get it out of my head. And I don't even like country!”

Andy Rich - Facebook

"Own your life...is a great motto. I'm glad to see you're doing just that....and sharing your great talent with the world."

"Your music actually motivated me this morning and renewed my appreciation for Country, which honestly is one of the last genres I would normally choose. This is no longer the case. Thanks Nate & Co."