Nate Esway / Press

“Meadow Vista resident Nate Esway, 28, became a musician through the drums, but has since added several other instruments to his repertoire. Esway was born in San Jose but moved to Meadow Vista in 1989. He currently works at his father’s ceramics studio in Auburn and has his own window washing business. He has been a musician since before he was a teen and a songwriter since he was 18. He sat down with the Journal Thursday to answer some questions about his musical passion.Question: When did you start writing and playing music? Esway: I started playing drums when I was 12 years old, and I picked up the guitar when I was 15. And I have pretty much been playing guitar as my main instrument since I was 15. As far as writing songs, I have been writing original music seriously since 2001. (Writing music) is almost like therapy for me.”