Natasha Fox / Press

“All I am going to say is watch out for this girl, she has come a LONG way with her music and she aint going anywhere.”

“The young people and college kids around Macon wanted Dubstep but had no outlet for it, and so DSEL stepped up to the plate and answered their demands.”

“Club dubstep with a ‘90s trance twist, this sultry productrice is coming to get your face full of bass.”

“Matthew Fox was a passionate lover and he found his love with his soon-to-be wife, Natasha Fox. To see them together was a pleasure. Both of them are beautiful people with a fire in their eyes for each other. The love from the couple radiated through the room whether it was at a casual lunch or a 2 a.m. DJ set while Gimpmode was rocking the turntables.”

“Natasha Fox hóf dj feril sinn í Atlanta eftir að hafa fylgt raftónlist í ýmsum myndum um árabil. Samhliða uppgangi dubstep senunnar freistaðist Natasha til þess að láta til sín taka á spilurunum.”

“Natasha Fox stays pretty true to playing pure dubstep.”

“Out back: Natasha Fox, RL Shine, TJ Thunder, Inferno, Double Nil, Uprise, and somehow there’s room for more special guests.”