Natalie Womack / Press

“Great artist. Information on artist vital and links linked correctly Commucation Cd is very good and selection of most songs good also.”

“Uniqe style, minimal yet complex production, powerful&beautiful voice This is something u've never heard before. She's made her own genre, and if u're hungry for something new, u've better check her material out! The songs are hypnotizing, her voice is beautiful and powerful, and the beats make u wanna throw urself on the dancefloor. This is clean & hard, tender and brutal, soft but edgy. Let her soul and beat lead u into new teritory.”

“Wow! Something new ! The CD was something special. I like her voice and the music. She´s an great talent and I would love to hear more from Natalie Nicole.”

"Stunning! Natalie emotes from the deepest part of the soul, as if she is dying and being reborn at the same time. Her range, her style, her songwriting... Damn! What a rush to provide songwriting coaching to such a talented artist - and what an incredible artist to have had the pleasure of working with!" Moses Toth Songwriting Professional http://s1studios.com