Natalie Tuvey / Press

“Fourteen-year-old Natalie Tuvey, from Yorkshire, England, reached the top three for the third time with her original song, “Stronger This Time”. The young singer-songwriter received two BEAT100 Gold Awards for her well-written song and impressive performance qualities, which resulted in Natalie receiving 400 bonus votes on her track. With over 1,500 likes on Facebook, Natalie’s fan base, both on and off BEAT100, helped her reach the third spot in the chart, resulting in over 2,000 overall votes. The young singer has just under 1 million overall views on her YouTube channel and he fan base is forever growing, thanks to her immense talent for someone so young. “I have really enjoyed the experience on BEAT100 and have met some amazing people and artists,” says Natalie. Since Natalie’s previous win, she has finished writing her first debut album and will be releasing the tracks in the summer of 2013. Along with this, Natalie has begun writing tracks for her second album and has”

“She startedat the tender age of ten and recently appeared on stage at a prestigious London venue with far more experienced acts. One of her videos received more than 151,000 views onYouTube in just two months. Now this year 9 pupil at Harrogate Grammar School is releasing a charity song about child abuse. Don’t Cry, which tells of a young child who is being abused may not sound like the sort of song a 13-yea rold could tackle successfully but Natalie Tuvey takes the art of songwriting seriously. The Adele-influenced songwriter has a passion for writing lyrics and melodies, with the accompaniment of her piano. The popularity of her self-penned songs has already created early inroads for this talented youngster in the music business. Natalie said: “Writing songs and singing is a way that I can express my emotions and, hopefully, I can get my message across to people through my music.””

“We travel across the Atlantic Ocean to find a Singer/Songwriter that caught our eyes for her great vocals from Harrogate, United Kingdom. This Singer/Songwriter is Natalie Tuvey, who is just 14 years of age. If you listen to Natalie songs, you will see why she is just getting started on her Singing/Songwriting career. Natalie went into a recording studio and felt right at home as she started to record some of her favourite cover songs. She also started to write her own songs and very quickly realised that she had a great ear for melodies and her lyrics were very advanced for someone of her age. Her song "Tear Me Apart" has gained Natalie a lot of attention worldwide and came 1st place in the Beat100 music charts, an online music competition, beating over 2,000 entrants.It has received over 151,000 views on youtube in 12 weeks which is quite an achievement for an original song, and is currently being played on various radio stations in the UK along with her other song Stronger This Time”

“Yorkshire, UK, based Natalie Tuvey managed to top the BEAT100 Music Video Chart this September with a massive 1,698 votes and 9,576 views with her original song,“Tear Me Apart”. The talented 13-year-old singer/songwriter was awarded with a BEAT100 Silver Award for her well-written originals song and a BEAT100 Bronze Award for Tuvey’s impressive video,which accompanied her beautiful vocals.Tuvey’s catchy tune,“Tear Me Apart”,is only the third song the up-and-coming songwriter has written;yet it has not failed to impress BEAT100 viewers and voters.With 770 likes on Facebook and just under 1 million overall video views on YouTube,the teen sensation is bound to be seen breaking the industry before you know it. The teen clearly shows her inspiration other female singer/songwriters,such as Adele and Jessie J,in her current track,“Tear Me Apart”,through her impressive lyrics and complex melodies that are used.Tuvey has now written approximately 15 songs and her material will”