Natalie Nicole Green / Press

"Ryan Daniel and Natalie Nicole Green got the event rolling and warmed up the audience for a long day of music ahead, attendees took part in raffles and browsed through vendor tents filled with wares." “I think it was awesome; we didn’t know what to expect really,” said Judith Martin, a local Orlando resident who knows Bulford personally. “I heard one announcement on the radio about the show, and we heard all the artists that were coming. ... all the other acts were really outstanding.”

“Very nice! Thank you ;D I think you sang it better then Jo Dee :) ”

wallace86442 - Youtube

“@NatalieNGreen i have seen over 1000 videos and i only fav 1 and your the only one ”

MrEllm0 - Youtube

““Area’s Band Now Packing Venues” ”

Kaitlin M. ~ - North Florida Herald

““Had a great time last night, thanx for the awesome music, can't wait for ya'll to come back!” ”

Anissa M. ~ - Facebook

"You only have to see this young lady one time & you're hooked. She sings & entertains like no other country band around and the band is just as talented. "I love em' & I wasn't even a country fan!"

taadaa12000 ~ - Youtube!

"You guys were A mazing tonight"!

Kellie G. ~ - Facebook

"Omigawd the whole group is awesome"!!!!!!!!!!! Had so many first timers hearing Natalie Saturday night sitting with us and when she opened her mouth to sing their jaws dropped...I tried to tell them she was wonderful and had a powerful voice…Now they know...and love hearing her sing...Keep it up...

Bonnie B. - ~ Facebook

“This band is the upcoming country band in the area. I stopped off to hear a few songs & I was in a trance and before I realized it was closing time. Natalie, Adam, Thom & Pat are a force to be reckoned with!! Next time you hear of Little Bit More be sure & don’t miss them!” ”

~ Alan F. ~ - North Florida Herald