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“If a CD ever revealed the sheer talent of an artist, “Violin Crossings” fills the bill. Natalie Brown is a smashing success… dynamic is an understatement. She takes listeners on a journey around the world and leads them to an unfound discovery of the many dimensions of the violin and fiddle. She captures the listeners’ attention at the beginning and carries it throughout the entire CD.”

“Iowa City’s passionate violinist Natalie Brown mixes Celtic, jazz, funk, folk, blue-grass, fusion, and other genres into her own personal style. The 11-track instrumental CD Violin Crossings reveals Natalie’s comfort moving deftly from one style to another. Her classical training shines brightly as a complement to her intriguing compositions.”

Andy Bargerstock - Iowa Source

“Violin Crossings is--as its title suggests--a violin-guided journey through the diverse musical styles of which Brown is capable. She calls her first record a celebration and I feel that intention and spirit in each track. Violin Crossings is a calling card for what I can only hope will be further visits.”

“Melodious and powerful, it's a front-to-back winner. (Natalie Brown: Violin Crossings)”

“...on the nine wide-ranging Brown originals (expertly backed by hand-picked area luminaries) that her gifts for inventive arrangements, stylistic flexibility and nimble-fingered, joyous lyricality really shine...”

“With over a decade of pent up creativity in her back pocket, Natalie Brown entered Craig Erickson’s Rivertown Recording studio with a small militia of talented local musicians. What results is a thoroughly enjoyable journey through Brown’s minds eye via a variety of unique violin and fiddle personalities. The record has its poignant thoughtful moments, but is rife with upbeat, uplifting and positive music.”

“Extraordinary violinist & passionate performer, Natalie takes things to a whole new level whenever she steps on the stage. When sitting in with any of the myriad performers that have been so fortunate as to have shared a stage with her, she always shines and leaves us wanting more.”

“Of her long-standing musical relationship with Craig Erickson, Natalie states ”I could not have done this without Craig’s talent and guidance” adding “he challenges me always to push the envelope, to think and create on a deeper level.” Craig Erickson says the Violin Crossings recording is “like Jean Luc Ponty meets Mahavishnu Orchestra” adding “Natalie is like a chameleon in different musical situations and very versatile”. Of their time spent on Erickson’s Planet Pluto project and their time in the studio, Craig informs “we both speak multiple languages in music, she’s a great positive person to work with, always excited and on an even keel” adding “I knew it was going to be good, but her record exceeded my greatest expectations. It’s just plain fun!””

"Violin Crossings" This great-unique! Global size talent from local artist backed up with other local greats Get yours today!!!! It is a joy to listen to.

Marilee Reinertson Torres - Urban Cool Radio

“Local Iowa City musician, Natalie Brown and new stuff off her, as of yet, unreleased album, Violin Crossings. Natalie was on D&U a few weeks ago with The Mayflies and she's back like a vertebrae this Sunday Night at 9pm on 100.7 The Fox as a solo artist and you're gonna LOVE her new sound!”

“The Trollies are worth a look live for multi-instrumentalist Natalie Brown.”

J.R. - The Nashville Scene

“Fronted by singer/songwriter Nikki Lunden (guitar) and Natalie Brown (violin, mandolin), this exceptional quartet has been one of the area's hardest-working and fastest-rising acts since its debut with "Fountain Pennies" early in the year. Their haunting sound is based in folk- and blues-oriented rock, but rapidly developing chops give them plenty of horsepower to kick it up a few notches, and they'll do just that.”

Jim Musser - Iowa City Press Citizen

“She plays her violin like a rock star shreds his Flying V guitar...”

“Brown, who had met Roberts in person for the first time earlier in the day, joined the band on stage for several numbers, and her contributions were clear. Her sweet, rich, clear tone fit perfectly with the band’s textured sound. - See more at: http://hooplanow.com/2013/07/24/review-alasdair-roberts/#sthash.6T1LoSHj.dpuf”