Nasambu / Press

"I returned for the final day of the festival on Monday,September 3rd to go on an adventuresome,spiritual journey with Nasambu and the Mystic Nomads.This tight band fired up the festival with a high octane,electrifying set of original tunes that had the audience dancing throughout their set.Their infectious set list consisted of "Amandla," "Mystic Nomads," "Other Shore/Siri," "Chunga Maisha," "Jua," and "Pesa" from their debut CD Activate Africa.

“The sounds of West and East Africa were heard loud and clear on the evening of September 12th in Santa Monica at Zanzibar, and despite the diversity of the origins of the music, the result was surprisingly cohesive...Kenyan artist Nasambu later arrived on the stage, symbolizing the effortless cohesion of West African and East African music that took place that night. Faye also came onstage to play drums during her songs. Nasambu started off with Roof over My Head, a soulful number with a slow beat. Demonstrating her versatility, Nasambu switched languages, singing in Spanish on the song Aqua de Rosas which was performed in homage to the song’s creator Lila Downs...”