Narrow House / Press

“The voice samples that are cleverly arranged in Thanathonaut, perfectly complement the varied vocals of Narrow House, which have sometimes brutal texture and sometimes have a clean and extremely tranquil complexion, while the keys play a very important role in their compositions, and the dress beautifully with the heavy harmonies, yet fantastic interact with cello and saxophone, that steal the show here.”

“The songs are very slow with a high level of technology, keyboards and very gloomy. At times it feels like you are getting a message from space [...] As production goes, it is very well done, great quality indeed. [...] would say to anyone, try it with an open mind and make up your own mind.”

“It mixes great melodies, different moods, good vocals, powerful bass, cello hard ala Apocalyptica and psychedelic saxophone [...] The result is a powerful package that surprises and impresses. It’s hard to believe that this is only the band’s second disc, and that debut came just a few years ago. [...] Beautiful, great-sounding, quality music with rich scope and original expression.”

“This album is solid doom when it comes to atmosphere and the idea standing behind it. There’s no bright future for mankind in the world of Narrow House, and the only response for prayers is a radioactive rain coming down form the skies”

“The production sounds very professional”

“Thanathonaut elects to take a wholly different path, incorporating everything from traditional heavy metal-like guitar riffs, to tinny-sounding saxophone, to a bow’s staccato swipe across a cello. The end result is something of an anomaly and, as a result, pushes doom metal’s envelope as we know it.”

“If Narrow House is any indication of the doom metal scene in Ukraine, then let me hear more of it.”

“Narrow House have put the funeral in funeral doom metal with A Key to Panngrieb. Though I don't understand a word of their lyrics or song titles the music speaks its own language. A language of death, ragnarok and darkness. To some the music of the Ukranian band may seem uneventful or bland, but to me it seems to have great depth and particularly well thought through. Add to this that the production is as clear as it needs to be with this type of music. It leaves every aspect audible and yet making it possible for the band to have certain suggestive themes that make their music excel in creating atmospheres”

“An interesting album, that despite arriving a little late, shows that Eastern Europe is still the undisputed stronghold Doom Metal, and if we dig a little, there are always surprises.”

“Narrow House do a great job at building up to great moments in the compositions and the thirteen minute long Steklianniy Bog is, once again, a highlight in this regard where nine minutes after the initial dirge chimes, bellowing and windy scenes are coaxed from layers of keyboards and cello to, at least for me, send shivers down the spine.”

“Russian newcomers Narrow House are still defining their own style, but on the basis of this debut they’re well on their way to doing so. The first thing you notice about A Key To Panngrieb is how lush and professional it sounds – big strings, clear, unmuddied production and perfectly crisp drums give the music a depth and space that you don’t often hear in underground Metal. It sounds MASSIVE, and that sound really supports the feel that Narrow House are going for, which is one of utter melancholy and despair.”

“With dire guitars, keyboards, atmospheric, ultra-slow drums, this album starts your trip with Poslednee Pristanishe. In the course of its 14 minutes you can experience numerous sensations, especially with entering cello line. Every feeling of anguish and rejection comes to mind and that feeling of emptiness reigns in our tired body”

““A Key to Panngrieb” is definitely for fans of Funeral Doom Metal that need a bit more than just punishing riffs repeated over and over. With the atmospheric elements, Narrow House manages to be above the average bands in the genre and should actually be considered as one of promises of the genre.”

“Narrow House are offering a very good record full of gloomy atmosphere as they are elegant, going to place not too far from what has been done by the former countrymen Comatose Vigil, and then showing all their devotion to the Skepticism, authentic tutelary deities of this variant atmospheric funeral”

“The keyboards play also a major part in their music, the vocals are as versatile as they can be but still keeping a growling tone most of the time, the drums and bass lines really capitalize their importance and the excellent production allows all this to happen. So all in all Narrow House released a very good debut album, one that will certainly attract the interest of Funeral Doom followers out there.”

“A very successful album that will delight fans of the genre and can be a good approach for those who do not yet know the genre.”

“During these 45 minutes of funereal exile, the 'Russian school', let us say, comes in good shape, four themes touched very competent, well-structured, with a good balance between the keys and guitars and a well that throaty voice, sparsely, alternating with a clear tone and lean a little to the tortuous.”

“It’s virtually flawless in structure, flow, composition, delivery, and production. Narrow House create such a gravitational force with their combination of suffocating heaviness, dreary phantom atmosphere, and solemn melodies that it’s damn near impossible to escape it’s pull into the abyss.”

“The album is big, open and spacious like the musicians are not even playing in the same country, let alone the same studio. There are huge gaps in every guitar strike, cymbal and drum hit which makes this seem much slower than what is actually is. They bleed out their music so listening to this is like being strangled to death very very slowly which is a killer hook and perfect for a funeral doom exercise.”

“Solitude Productions once again crosses our path with a mighty fine funeral doom album, this time from Ukraine. When looking at the cover of Narrow House’s ‘A Key To Panngrieb’ I am sure funeral doom is not something that will spring to mind. Pure funeral doom is really isn’t. It’s more psychedelic funeral doom such as we know it from bands such as Esoteric and Faal and in the quieter almost ambient passages of Shape Of Despair.”

“On their own terms, Narrow House are the most accomplished new funeral doom band that I have heard in some time: They use the cello and keyboards beautifully to ease the flow from chord to chord in the riff, and the vocals have a fine tone to them.”

“The fourth and final track on this release, 'Behind the Mask This' is a great finale. By this point in the CD, I had broken down into tears twice because it was such an emotional roller coaster of sound.”

“ESOTERIC child (which also contains a title, "Beneath This Face" convincingly), this group practice a Funeral Doom very distinct in its statement, totally desperate, requiring slow and devoid of compromise. NARROW HOUSE is not intended to upset the rules fairly limited in this sub-genre: ultra slow tempo, towering riffs, mammoth and rhythmic throat singing.”

“I’m not entirely sure whether I’ll often return to the gloomy Panngrieb or not, but I’m sure this magical journey is worth a try. However, I’m pretty sure that NARROW HOUSE’s next visits to the murky underground are very promising and something to look forward to.”

“A Key To Pangriebb is really well crafted, from song arrangements to sound. Narrow House almost effortlessly succeed in conveying the wide ranges of doom, from fragile beauty to crushing loss to abject horror.”

“This band manages to capture the bleakness and drabness of an autumnal mist skillfully in their latest work, "A Key To Panngrieb". [...] The perfect soundtrack for the upcoming cold season.”

“Though Ukrainians Narrow House hail from a tradition of soul leeching, somber funeral doom, the sound they've adopted for their debut A Key to Panngrieb is actually far brighter, more atmospheric, and their wise incorporation of instruments like a cello and synthesizers helps give this music a far larger breadth than if they had merely trudged along with the same lifeless, disaffected lurch as so many others in this niche.”

“Narrow House is one of those bands that blows your mind, a band that has a powerful and twisted sound. A sound that is beautifully crafted, with quasi-perfect production, amazing lyrics and stellar musicianship. These arrangements are incredible and can not be put in to so little space as I have today.”

“Low and rumbling with snarled vocals and depressive undertones, the music is not for the faint of heart. However like all good doom, despite the gloom there is still plenty of beauty to be found in the album.”