Nappy Riddem / Press

““Danceable and definitely Smokeable…. This socially aware album is not to be missed” ”

"local reggae sensations, Nappy Riddem, have released a string of remixes and they’ve transformed themselves into a conscientious band who’s become one of the District’s biggest musical attractions."

"After 30 minutes of dread swinging, liberating music, they closed their performance with fists in the air chanting “Keep it Nappy!” as the crowd reciprocated with a standing ovation."

"A funky-conscious-reggae-disco-party for the masses."

"Nappy Riddem's “One World Sovereignty” debut is a rhythmic, global-flavored collection of positive-minded songs."

"Nappy Riddem, who joyfully respect no boundaries, instead drawing from virtually every genre of the African Diaspora."

"Nappy Riddem weave dub, reggae and ’70s soul into their new outing, One World Sovereignty, a worldly mix of sounds derived from the liberation music you might be used to hearing."

"Nappy Riddem creates driving rhythms, and Mustafa Akbar delivers vocals in an Afrika Bambaataa come Peter Tosh style. Think “Planet Rock” meets “Steppin’ Razor."

"This album, is an irresistible blend of '60s soul, reggae, hip-hop and electro impulses that should have anyone with a spine hurtling out to the dance floor."

"Nappy Riddem is a solid collaboration of artists signed to Fort Knox Five recordings. It involves Rex Riddem, a Washington DC based DJ, producer, and percussionist known for his ability to traverse local and time through his eclectic tastes in music. Fort Knox Five vocalist, Mustafa Akbar aka Mustabar and Thievery Corporation Bass Player, Hash Vyas as well."

"Nappy Riddem create “psychedelic raggafunk” with a warm, laidback upbeat vibe."