Naomi Neuts / Press

“As of the end of September Naomi is #49 on the ReverbNation chart and has accumulated over 2,000 Facebook fans and over 400 fans from other social media outlets, not to mention fans and listeners on Jango (2,000+). Voice Prints is another ethereal haunting piece and benefits from a more stripped back feel. The superfluous percussion that was the only slight glitch on Mosaic has gone and the strings and piano are left to complement the vocal. Naomi is gathering hundreds of fans every week on her social profiles and is concentrating on building a fan base before embarking upon any substantial multi song projects and so far everything seems to be falling into place.”

“Mosiac is a lovely piano induced song that glides with calm majesty. It is like an emotional aural painting tugging at the listener with a sense of wonder. The singing, the instrumental backing, the concept and emotions are all so strong it will leave you in an overwhelmed state of euphoria, struggling to grasp the fullness of this debut track’s achievement. Naomi has her own distinct style. She sounds like very few singers in the music industry. That’s what makes her so charming. She doesn’t sound like a copycat of some other artist. Sure, similarities can be drawn to both Sarah Brightman and Enya, but that is only because they represent a handful of extremely talented artists who have a profoundly original sound compared to the standard, daily pop-music fare.”

“Listeners of Naomi Neuts’ Mosaic comment that the song is very peaceful, with a soft and very gentle background that make it nice to hear and easy to relax too. An intimate connection with the listener, and that Naomi has a beautiful soprano voice that stays on key and in tune. The melodic, while at the same time haunting piano passages are expertly played, and contribute to Mosaic overall being a tremendous, ground-breaking song.”

“Charlotte Church laid claim to the Voice Of An Angel tag with her first album and it is no co-incidence that Naomi Neuts conjures up similar metaphors. With her debut track ‘Mosaic’, an atmospheric intro leads into beautiful piano before the stunning vocal complements the haunting composition evoking a tragic beauty. Naomi has a wonderful classical choral voice with a great tonal range. As well as Church, she’s been likened to Sarah Brightman, Enya and other opera diva’s.”