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“Naomi Less, an indie rocker, songwriter and educator based out of Brooklyn, N.Y,, launched a music video to accompany her recent release “Thank You.” The track comes off her second solo album Seven, where she explores multiple musical styles in a seven song journey – from catchy pop to soaring anthems to soulful, intimate, heart-opening songs.”

“American singer Naomi Less gets Limmud off to a musical start with a performance for arrivals on its opening day.”

“I know that I would have greatly benefited from one of Less’ prayer services and workshops, as she makes the text accessible, understandable, and personal, thereby empowering the individual in his or her Judaism. I feel safe saying that as an active Jew, dedicated performer, and social justice activist, Naomi Less is truly a Jewish chick who rocks.”

"Thank You" makes "Honorable Mention" in the Song of the Year contest - judged by industry pros from Universal, Sony, Warner Music, EMI, Capitol, Dreamworks and Virgin Music. It reads: "The Song of the Year songwriting contest has awarded Naomi Less the Honorable Mention placement in the song contest. Song of the Year receives entries from all over the world and only the top songwriters receive a Honorable Mention placement in the songwriting competition."

“Naomi Less. Take a dose of Sheryl Crow, add a splash of Debbie Friedman and what do you get? The one and only...badass message that nice Jewish girls can have their hard rock and play it, too. Teaching young women how to jam one truthful chord at a time...Original songs inspired by social justice, tribal bonds and an ancient code of ethics. Because Jewish Chicks Rock. Literally.”

“The music video features a new song “Sh’ma Yisrael,” a 21st-century Zionist call to action, co-written by Jewish singer-songwriter Naomi Less, of New York, and Fran Gordon, of Beachwood, as part of the Sacred Rights, Sacred Song project. ”

“Performers included...Israeli stars Cooloolosh and Mika karni and American "chick rocker" Naomi Less who also ran workshops encouraging participants to both express themselves and explore their Jewish identity through music.”

“Girls (and the rest of us) today, however, can look up to young American women who not only rock out, but do so to lyrics that incorporate traditional Jewish liturgical texts, make references to biblical narratives and convey authentic Jewish values and messages.”

“To trigger a conversation about an observer’s role in an episode of bullying, you might listen together to the song, “Responsibility," , by Naomi Less. Less, aka the Jewish chick rocker, brings her lively music and anti-bullying workshops to Jewish camps throughout the country each summer, as well as to schools throughout the year. “The singer is reflecting back on a poor decision,” says Less, who suggests we discuss the “risks associated with speaking up,” and ask children “what would enable them to take a stand.””

“Naomi Less, the self-styled “Jewish chick rocker” from the States performed live and also ran workshops for children, teens and adults, encouraging them to explore their Jewish identity and express themselves through music.”

"The Real Me" shares insightful advice...features a variety of musical panache, will captivate you and keep you listening from start to finish.

“Her first solo album, The Real Me, focuses on Naomi’s personal experiences and offers advice to teen girls. Teen Voices’ writer Annie Robinson, had the opportunity to interview Naomi on music, life, and enacting change.”

“An honest and fresh interview with a woman who makes being a role model look effortless. Less facilitates a safe place to build life skills while pursuing a new talent, which can open several doors for girls who take an interest in music.”

“With Jewish Chicks Rock, girls aren't just learning how to play instruments, they're learning to empower themselves. "The philosophy is they play. We help and we coach them, but it's the process over the product really," Less said. "How that process is, how they're working together versus do they get it right -- that to me is really important."”

"A 'Jewish chick' who rocks" - Through her Jewish Chicks Rock project, she aims to "empower younger girls" as a role model and through a proactive program. She considers herself a Jewish feminist, grateful for the progress made by Jewish women before her.

“The program "Jewish Chicks Rock," designed to teach rock 'n'roll to girls while incorporating Jewish values and leadership skills, will be piloted to campers in late July at Camp Louise. Campers of all ages and musical backgrounds can participate in the three-day program, led at the Cascade camp by Jewish rock musician and educator Naomi Less.”

“She is an edgy, current and outspoken, young woman who is changing the way society views the role of Jewish women worldwide.”

“No matter what – I know that I am doing my best to live my “Personal Legend” – a concept I really believe in from “The Alchemist”. It’s taken me a while to quiet myself enough to really hear what that is – and to move forward towards building my personal legend.”

“Naomi is one of those people who walks into a room and you have a sense that "this woman is a force of nature!" Naomi is like the Sun...she radiates warmth, light, generosity and has a gravitational pull that draws you to her loving, creative spirit.”

“Less’s Jewish Chicks Rock program is also intended to increase the visibility of Jewish female artists and musicians. “I am making sure that women have a voice in the next generation of music and cultural providers,” she says. “My hope is to model and inspire and create programming for girls to pick up instruments and make sure their voices are heard.””

“Naomi Less’ strong character and unique voice make her message powerful: be who you are, without apologies. Naomi will be spending time at both Eisner and Crane Lake this summer.”

“We believe that women can have a much stronger voice when they’re banding together, rather than working against each other.”

“Naomi Less, performer and host of Jewish Chicks Rock, led a musical havdala service in the amphitheater outside. The session included dancing and lighting giant lanterns that were allowed to float off into the night sky to culminate the service.”

“Less uses Jewish themes and occasional liturgical references, even as they reframe these ideas with original English lyrics into a contemporary pop sound”

“Under the heading of JCR (Jewish Chicks Rock), the show is billed as "Lights Ignite Change … Illuminate, fill your plate and celebrate with the songs and stylings of Sarah Aroeste, Chana Rothman and Naomi Less - three powerful women inspiring justice during the Festival of Lights."”

“Maybe there's a girl out there who will grow up with a more positive self-image as a woman or as a Jew or as both because of this work.”

“Songwriter, Jewess empowerer extraordinaire, Naomi is taking her music to the streets (and camps) encouraging girls to raise their voices as loud or louder (than hers). Dumbfounded by the music industry('s) treatment of female artists and lack of instrumentalists, Naomi (pushes)girls to speak up.”

“Dr. Epstein and Less have disseminated critical information, conducting training seminars for a variety of organizations including Ma’yan, the Leadership Institute for Congregational School Educators, Keshet, and the Rebecca and Israel Ivry Prozdor High School”

“Between musicians I've met at the Salon and knowing of so many other openly Jewish musicians—like Lara Torgovnik, Naomi Less, Michelle Citrin, and others—I'm excited to be part of a growing world of proud Jewish artists right in my very own town.”

“Watch her because: She’s going to teach your daughters how to stand proud and sing loud...Equally composed of fearless rock passion she channels as frontwoman and the keenly observational nurturing instinct she developed (in camps)...”

“Enter Naomi Less, the coolest camp counselor you ever had– guitar in hand and the pipes to match. Her music, like her work, is equal parts juicy rock ‘n roll, throbbing, room-enveloping vocals, and perfectly blended messages of empowerment, justice, and education.”

““Girls are supposed to grow up resilient with so many mixed messages,” (Less) “Media surrounds (them) with Girls Gone Wild, while pharmacists (can) deny birth control. I was...on the sidelines watching.” Not anymore. (Her lyrics in "Responsibility") “If I don’t speak then I'm to blame."”

“Naomi Less debut(ed) songs ...which use “values-based, pop-rock music” to teach Jewish girls to respect themselves and each other. “Responsibility,” a Britney Spears-esque pop number, talks about the importance of speaking up and not standing idly by while others are hurt.”

“Naomi was, in her heart of hearts and, eventually, by her own admission, a “Jewish chick rocker.””