Nancy Jephcote / Press

“Those who have not yet heard Ms. Jephcote turn out a vocal performance may be surprised to discover that her songwriting is not in the country style often associated with fiddle playing, for which she is more widely known. These songs, in a modern folk/pop style, are by turns insightful and emotional.”

“With her rich, true voice & classic original folk material, Nancy Jephcote first appeared on the "Best of the Vineyard Sound" CD, with Judy Collins, Richie Havens and Jonathan Edwards. Ms. Jephcote is locally appreciated as a singer-songwriter and award-winning fiddler. Her current CD, "Garland of Rain, was produced by Tom Prasada-Rao.”

“When the [Flying] Elbows erupt into song, often in three-part harmony, it feels unavoidable, as if they are bursting the confines of mere strings. This is not diligent, dutiful playing; it's pure, spontaneous joy whose good time has by pure luck been captured in that most unlikely place, a recording studio. The Elbows are not just flying; they are smiling and well-greased. Top this if you can.”