NAIMAH / Press

“Quirky, sexy indie dance rock.”

“It’s rare today to come across a stunning talent who also displays humility. With a personality as sweet as her music – Naimah is an Icon in-waiting.”

“Naimah isn’t your everyday “singer/songwriter”. Her image is like no other. She carries such a powerful, yet humble spirit. Naimah models a sense of individuality and embraces every bit of it.”

“Drawing comparisons to the likes of Lorde and Bat for Lashes, this has Next Big Thing written all over it.”

“The 22-year old songstress croons pop song “Wolf And I” with such effortless ease that it would be startling if it wasn’t so plausibly perfect.”

“Being noticed by Billboard’s Editorial Director with only two songs uploaded on Soundcloud is not an everyday thing, but it perfectly makes sense if you possess the voice of a younger Natasha Khan and your music is equally made of sugary melodies and suburban vibes, with an acoustic strumming perfectly penned over a top-notch arrangement of synths.”

“When I first experienced Naimah live in New York, I was extremely drawn to her. Her voice carried such a light and abiding presence with me. Her genuine love for music was projected through every lyric and strum of her guitar strings.”

“The track dips into electro-pop waters as it pours deliciously sweet vocal melodies over heavy beats that drip in synthesized glory.”

“Carrying the components of love, peace, soul and the voice to match. At just 22 years old, Naimah has developed quite a sound that is woven with different pieces of her.”

“We’re looking forward to a lot more dope work from Naïmah in the months and years ahead!”

“The first time you hear the refreshing, poetic lyrics, streaming softly from emerging songstress Naimah Muhammad – you’re star struck.”

“22-year-old alternative-pop singer and songwriter Naïmah Muhammad ’09 has found herself as a musician.”

“To fill you with anticipation for her forthcoming EP, you can check out 'Wolf And I', an excellent alt-pop track showing off Naïmah's gorgeous vocals.”

“The main highlight is really Naimah’s voice — which has a distinctly ethereal quality without sacrificing power. Par excellence.”