Nagasus / Press

“Nagasus we are loving "Wish for a miracle" with its FANTASTIC piano and strings & cool percussion. Superbly Crafted w/ much ambience and emotion. AWESOME!!”

“Very melodic and original - have listened to "Welcome...." and "Love...." Both have terrific orchestration and inventiveness - will enjoy listening again. Best Wishes, Chris”

“Such a blessing to tune into your sound this evening! Music that is felt with a soul is a gift to any listener! Wish for A Miracle is absolutely stunning, what a magnificent piece of music!! Your music resonates through the headphones and touches the heart, you are truly gifted in the musical arts! Wishing you every success in the future! - much love and respect from a new Australian fan- - Stay creative- :)”

“Brilliant and unusual!”

“Your music is epic. Alice in Wonderland with a chainsaw is how I would describe it. Awesome!”

“Your music reminds me of something that would be in a movie!! I really like it a lot!”

"welcome to my imaginary land" is a fundamental progmetal song! love the classical and electronic elements and of course, the heavy guitars. great piece of music!

“Your CD is very clean with good quality. It could be used for motion picture.”

“Fantastic sounds Nagasus! Big fans of the big symphonic sounds you create..brilliant the way you mix the classical instrumentation with "modern" sounds. ..keep up the inspired work!..love from Tom and Linda”

“Damn ,Love & Sacrifice is a really awesome instrumental.You Rock.”

“superb musicianship guys..really loving the big, climbing, uplifting blend of orchestra with guitars for "the undead"..layers and layers of melody with a heavy, dangerous edge..just stunning!!”

“Amazing music. As the bass player from the American band Cathedral, (Kinesis label) I must say this is outstanding progressive rock. Complex rhythms and sweet melodies and counter melodies. So happy to find your music. Peace -Mike Hounshell”

“Back again to listen to more of this great music! Very talented musicians and tight production! Highly recommended!!!!”

“Fantastic compositions on your site. Very special Music Universe opens up and embraces you. I like "Cinta yang Hilang" Its evolves and slowly built up with great melodies and guitarplay. Great stuff.”

“sounds very good and dramatic! i hear classic, progressive music, ambient, rock, metal, experimental - all in one. enjoyed listening. hope you like ma stuff, too - completely different! :-)”

“Getting happily swept up by the sense of drama and romance your music evokes. 'Welcome to My Imaginary Land' is a most fitting, majestic and expansive opener - reeled this listener in to stay for the entire trip! With Best Wishes - Exile”