Nadir / Press

“To label Nadir as a neo-soul artist would be neglecting his rock roots; to call him a rock artist would be overlooking his hip-hop and jazz influences. Fully encompassing all the talents that Nadir possesses would be comparable to expanding the mathematical term Pi to its last digit.”

“Nadir Omowale embodies the spirit of music. If Motown had never moved to L.A., this is what it would sound like today.”

“It's STONE COLD FUNK, it makes you DANCE, it ROCKS your world, it's got GREAT LYRICS, it's got POWERHOUSE SOUL SINGING, it's got GREAT MUSICIANSHIP, it makes you THINK about the world and it makes you SMILE.”

“As I soaked up the funk vibrations, my hips began to whine and sway. The music penetrated the layers of the Chi and the dance sprang forth like a high pressure geyser. My sandals came off, toes on the warm dance floor soaking up healing sound vibrations…. my heart was set free by the funk.”

“This Southern-bred singer-songwriter and his stalwart band play with an aplomb that could raise the corpses of Marley and Hendrix. No $h!t… To label them simply neo-soul would be downright reductive.”

“What I enjoyed most about this group is the synergy that so easily flowed from them. All the instruments blended together seamlessly creating the perfect funk stew!”

“Funky and endlessly soulful, Nadir’s recorded output is instantly ear-grabbing in its relentlessly powerful attack.”

City Beat, Cincinnati, Ohio

“Molotov Soul: Funk and Rock and political awareness make an explosive mixture because Nadir and his smooth energetic music are on point with his driving beats, hard hitting guitar and radical opinions. (Review of Workin For the Man)”

“Quite simply, [Nadir's Workin' For The Man] album is stocked with powerful songs that are at once angry, eloquent, passionate, insightful and very, very good.”

“Nadir is a revolutionary artist - Nadir has a revolutionary agenda - Nadir thinks that it is ok to HAVE FUN and THINK - Nadir’s new album Workin’ for the Man makes you do both!”

“They’re a first class act that could hold their own on any stage in any city. Just wanted to say what a wonderful show Nadir & Distorted Soul put on… And it was so nice to see such a mixed crowd (age, race & gender) enjoying the very same show.”

“The show ended to a thunderous applause and I have little doubt that if there had been voting machines placed in the BAM Café (Brooklyn, NY), that Nadir could have been elected President, right on the spot!!!”

“The music… is stunning – there are at least a half dozen potential hits. The major labels should be all over this album, as should fans of gutsy R&B and rock. Recommended. (Review of Distorted Soul 2.0)”

“SLAVE: The Remixtape is “a fantastic example of what remixers can do when given good material… If you’re into remixes, Nadir’s Slave: The Remixtape is a tour-de-force of remixing.”

“NADIR's DISTORTED SOUL is "old school". NADIR's DISTORTED SOUL is trying to make a difference in this world. Thru SLAMMIN music combined with INTELLIGENT discourse. That type of PASSION is a part of what has been missing in the commercial music sector over the past 20 years or so.”

“Praised by everyone from Detroit's Metro Times to Billy Bob Thorton, the Hendrix-meets-Marley-in-a-soul-kitchen sextet has forged a new niche in the funk and soul revival community.”

Toledo City Paper, Toledo, Ohio